International Climate Change Workshop in Budapest

Some grateful thanks to the Colleagues

  • To the speakers of the briefing event for facing with the number of journalists (although in meteorology ensemble approach is preferred): Kornélia, Arild Moberg, Zsuzsanna, Jean-Noël;
  • To our guests from Norway for coming to a hot country and participating actively in the workshop with chairing, presentations and discussions: Hans Olav, Ole Einar, Rasmus, Trond;
  • To our guests from the Copernicus programme for introducing the Copernicus C3S to the CEE region and their invaluable contributions to the workshop: Silke, András, Jean-Noël;
  • To András for the fruitful discussions before and under the event about designing the programme and the round-table discussions;
  • To every guest, speaker and poster presenter who accepted our invitation and contributed to the workshop;
  • To the session chairs who managed to keep the time and the programme in a friendly strict way: Gabriella, Trond, Jean-Noël, Ole Einar, András, Edit;
  • To the Copernicus communication group for their help from home in keeping the eyes (of Europe) also on our event: David Armstrong, Jean-François Khamak, Éva Remete, Silke Zollinger;
  • To colleagues at the Hungarian Meteorological Service for their technical help in the organization: Attila Székely, Gusztáv Söpkéz, Márta Puskás and Ildikó Bujdosó (meeting room), Ágnes Sáhó (catering), Anett Csorvási (registration), Judit Sábitz (dinner), Gabriella Zsebeházi (photos), Péter Szabó and Tamás Illy (reports on discussions), Gabriella Papp (briefing event), László Tölgyesi (web), Endre Löwinger and Miklós Hunyák (informatics), Anita Rajnai (trips), Linda Andrási and Marika Pisák (administration);
  • To La Fiesta party service for the extra kilos and the diet needed after the workshop;
  • To Anikó Szelle and István Varga for ensuring the technical conditions of the briefing event;
  • To the bilateral grant of the European Economic Area for financial support of the event.